César Morelos González

Regional Change Manager | Mexico City

  • Name: César Morelos González
  • Job Title: Regional Change Manager  
  • Business: Operations and Technology
  • Office Location: Mexico City
  • Joined Marsh: June 2021
  • Hometown: Mexico City
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Universidad Franco Mexicana; and Master's degree in Organizational Development from Instituto De Estudios De Postgrado en Ciencias y Humanidades.
  • Interests: Music, dogs, food

Meet César

I am responsible for coordinating and managing the change management process for the Operational Excellence program (OPEX) in Latin America and the Caribbean region. OPEX is a global, multi-year program that aims to fundamentally transform how Marsh does business by digitizing how we work, maximizing how we collect and use data, enhancing client service, and driving growth.

As a Mexico PRIDE colleague resource group (CRG) leader, I collaborate to help Marsh achieve its vision of being an inclusive organization. The PRIDE CRG focuses on LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies and is open to all employees.

Which of our Marsh shared characters — passionate, human, inquisitive, or enterprising — resonates most with you?

Passionate and human. My passion drives my work and what I do. I am always looking for the human side of things because people are the ones who make and move an organization.

How does a hybrid work environment support you in doing your work?

Hybrid work facilitates me in getting to know team members well regardless of where they are located geographically. Intentionally cultivating and maintaining these relationships helps our team reach our objectives.

At Marsh, we protect and promote possibility. How does Marsh make your personal passion a possibility?

Marsh is a large company that provides many opportunities for colleagues to develop themselves in various areas and interests. In my case, my leader and team in the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) Transformation Office have supported and encouraged me in enhancing and using my project management skills to contribute to the company’s broad OPEX program and vision. It's very satisfying to see how our work makes our company's strategy a reality.

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Celebrating Pride Month

Join us in celebrating Pride Month. Marsh values diverse perspectives, talents, and backgrounds. We believe inclusion and diversity enable us to do what we do best.