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Risk in Context

Timely posts from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business — and your bottom line.

No Fleeting Hashtag: #MeToo’s Enduring Impact on Employers

Posted by Kelly Thoerig October 31, 2019

More than a passing fad, #MeToo continues to affect businesses two years after it first shined a light on sexual harassment, misconduct, and hostile workplaces.

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3 Ways Employers Can Prepare for New York’s New Harassment Laws

Posted by Kelly Thoerig July 31, 2019

New York state recently passed new harassment laws that will dramatically weaken employers’ defenses to hostile work environment claims.

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Decision on White Collar Exemption Calls for Employer Action

Posted by Kelly Thoerig March 12, 2019

US employers finally have clarity on the salary threshold for an important overtime exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Last week, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced a new rule that addresses the salary level needed for so-called “white collar” workers — executive, administrative, and professional employees — to be considered “exempt” and therefore not entitled to overtime pay. 

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An Employment Law Game Changer?

Posted by Kelly Thoerig May 23, 2018

The US Supreme Court this week determined that companies may condition employment on workers arbitrating their employment claims alone. This landmark decision will surely reverberate across the employment law landscape for years. For now, however, employers should tread lightly.

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What #MeToo Means for Risk Professionals

Posted by Kelly Thoerig April 10, 2018

It’s vital that you take allegations of harassment and misconduct seriously while also taking steps to protect your organization from potential claims.

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Narrowed Whistleblower Protections May Affect Companies’ Insurance Needs

Posted by Kelly Thoerig March 05, 2018

Now, as much as ever, employers must be ready in case they are accused of retaliating against employees who become whistleblowers, regardless of whether they report internally or externally.

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Four Ways Employers Can Manage Marijuana Legalization Risks

Posted by Kelly Thoerig January 04, 2017

Employers can run afoul of employment law if they’re not careful to balance their duty to maintain safe workplaces with employee rights.

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DOL's Overtime Rule Delayed, Risks Remain

Posted by Kelly Thoerig December 01, 2016

The future of the DOL's overtime expansion is unclear as the DOL appeals the federal court's temporary injunction.

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Federal Overtime Rule Changes Could Lead to Lawsuits

Posted by Kelly Thoerig May 23, 2016

Employers should prepare as broader interpretations of “joint employment” and “independent contractor” have already provided new litigation opportunities for plaintiffs.

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