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Risk in Context

Timely posts from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business — and your bottom line.

Florence and/or Michael? Managing Multiple Storm Claims

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien October 11, 2018

Calculating losses and recovering from multiple storms can be complex, making close collaboration with insurers and risk advisors essential as companies seek to get back on their feet.

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Be Prepared for a Stormy September

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien September 04, 2018

With the possibility of increased storm activity this month, it’s vital that you be ready to protect your people, operations, and bottom line. Taking these steps before and after the next storm can help you limit your damage and more quickly recover.

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Recovering from Lane: 3 Claims Priorities

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien August 29, 2018

As businesses begin to return to normal operations, they should review applicable insurance policies and prepare to file claims as needed.


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Protecting Your Operations and People from Wildfires

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien August 06, 2018

More than a dozen wildfires have burned through half a million acres of land in California, killing several people and forcing tens of thousands more out of their homes, according to news reports. Two fires, the Carr and Mendocino Complex, now rank among the most destructive blazes in the state’s history. Several other fires remain only partially contained as of August 6. Beyond California, recent wildfires have also caused substantial damage from the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest into Canada.

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California Wildfires: Claims and Risk Management Considerations

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien October 12, 2017

Businesses and individuals can’t control the path of wildfires or the damage that they may cause, but you can take proactive steps to better protect your employees, operations, and finances.

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Protecting People and Operations as Hurricane Harvey Approaches

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien August 25, 2017

Managing the effects of a storm or other natural catastrophe can be a challenge, but you can position your organization to better protect your employees and bottom line. And you can work with your risk and insurance advisors to manage your claim and accelerate your recovery.


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Cut Off After the Storm: How Access to Your Location Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien October 21, 2016

Time element coverage can protect you, but understanding when your policy will respond is critical.

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When the Lights Go Out: Managing Service Interruption Claims

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien October 14, 2016

The four things to keep in mind when filing a claim for service interruption.

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Rapid Action on Insurance Claims Can Help You Recover Following Hurricane Matthew

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien October 06, 2016

Properly documenting losses for insurance claims can be critical to business resiliency.

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Three Strategies for Recovering From Flood Losses

Posted by Robert W. O’Brien August 19, 2016

Early steps and a proactive response can help you protect your people and property and recover quickly.

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