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World Risk Review

Marsh Credit Specialties’ country risk ratings platform, World Risk Review, monitors short- and long-term economic, political, and security risk trends across 197 countries. Available exclusively to clients, the platform empowers your organisation with credible country risk analysis to guide and safeguard your business and risk management strategies. 


Country ratings on nine insurable perils across 197 countries, with qualitative analysis tailored to specific perils and sectors.


Country ratings updated monthly based on a proprietary, algorithm-based model incorporating 277 indicators.


Exclusive access to historical risk trends, customisable portfolios, and benchmarking of risk environment across multiple countries.

Always-on, actionable country risk ratings to guide your business strategy.

As a risk manager or business executive, you often need to make important recommendations or decisions, including investment decisions outside of your home country. The World Risk Review provides you with credible insights to key business questions like:  

  • How hazardous is the security environment of the country?
  • How risky is the country to do business in?
  • How challenging is it to invest in the country?

With ever-changing geopolitical risks, businesses with multinational operations, trade, people, and investments must monitor political, security, and economic perils and ensure their observations are timely and accurate.

Marsh Credit Specialties’ country risk ratings platform enables you to:

  • Understand country specific risk ratings across nine perils*.
  • Assess historical risk trends and benchmark the risk environment across multiple countries.
  • Create succinct and customised reports.

As part of a political risk insurance program customised for your business by the Marsh Credit Specialties team, you will get 24/7 access to the World Risk Review online platform.

*Including strikes, riots and civil commotion; terrorism; war and civil war; country economic risk; currency inconvertibility and transfer risk; sovereign credit risk; expropriation; contractual agreement repudiation; legal and regulatory risk.

Monthly updated ratings and qualitative country risk analysis at your fingertips

  • Provides quantitative country risk exposures across nine insurable perils for 197 countries generated by a proprietary algorithm-based modelling system incorporating 277 separate indicators.
  • Countries are scored on a 0.1-10 scale, with 0.1 representing the lowest risk score and 10 representing the highest.
  • Updated monthly and provide a forecast of the risk environment in the short to medium term. 
  • Provides qualitative country risk analysis to identify the underlying structural factors that could impact the business environment.

Quantitative weighted risk scoring (illustrative)

Qualitative country risk analysis

Why Marsh? 

Exclusive to Marsh Credit Specialties clients, the World Risk Review is used by Marsh’s in-house analytics team to obtain up-to-date on-demand country risk intelligence, with reliable reports that enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to enhancing risk resilience and strategic decision making.

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