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Cybersecurity Risk Awareness Questionnaire for SMEs and growing enterprises

Answer five simple questions to receive a free report on the level of cybersecurity risk awareness in your company and estimate your exposure to cyber losses.

SMEs and growing enterprises are just as vulnerable as larger companies when it comes to cyberattacks. 

Did you know that more than 50% of Asia’s small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs) and growing enterprises have experienced a cybersecurity incident such as data breach, phishing and ransomware in the past year?1

Out of the enterprises that fell victim to a cyberattack last year, 51% incurred a loss of at least US$500,000 as a result of business interruption and costs associated with data loss and recovery, lawsuits, and potential reputational damage.2

Just how likely is a cyberattack on your company and how much do you stand to lose?

To help you better understand your current cyber risk awareness, Marsh — the world’s leading risk advisor and insurance broker — has created a free, five-question Cybersecurity Risk Awareness Questionnaire for SMEs.

By completing the questionnaire, you can gain basic understanding of your cyber exposures.