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Global insurer survey report

MMB Health Trends 2023

Navigating cost trends and using innovation in employer-provided healthcare.

The top trends shaping employer-provided healthcare

Mercer Marsh Benefits Health Trends global survey of 226 insurers across 56 countries identified five key themes driving costs and risks in employee health benefits.

Five key trends

Top trends driving the future of employer-provided healthcare

Per-person medical cost increases are back to pre-pandemic levels

68% of insurers expect plan sponsors to prioritize improvements despite forecasted double-digit medical trend rates in some markets.

COVID-19 is impacting claims experience

55% of insurers report an increase in later-stage diagnosis of illness due to deferred care.

Plan modernization has begun

1 in 2 insurers has changed or expects to change eligibility requirements and eligible expenses to make coverage more inclusive for those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Mental health gaps persist

16% of insurers report not providing plans that cover mental health services (versus 26% in 2022).

Plan management requires greater rigor

More than 1 in 5 insurers in Asia are adjusting medical plan premiums based on COVID-19 vaccination status.

What do these trends mean for plan sponsors?

Understanding these trends will be crucial for employers – helping them to design healthcare plans that meet the needs of a business and its employees.

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A bite-sized overview of the key findings from this year’s research.

Insurer innovation is one silver lining of COVID-19

COVID-19 has had significant short- and long-term impacts on people’s lives, health risks, costs and diagnosis. However, it has also driven insurer innovation and plan modernization.

Insurers plan to extend their digital portfolios.

Apps and/or wearables to self-manage well-being:

  • Already offering 25%
  • Considering it 49%

Apps that suggest possible diagnoses for simple medical conditions:

  • Already offering 26% 
  • Considering it 37%
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