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Private Medical Key Staff Scheme

The Marsh Key Staff scheme provides private medical insurance for school staff with all the benefits of a corporate group scheme.

Private Medical Key Staff Scheme

Did you know people working in public administration, education, and healthcare has the highest sickness rates out of all UK industries with an absence rate of 6.1 work days versus 4.1 days for the UK average?

It is well known that private medical insurance is amongst the most valued staff benefits – it can play a key role in helping schools and colleges to attract and retain the very best people.

The key staff scheme makes looking after the health of your key staff – from head teachers to heads of finance – easier.

The key staff scheme offers private medical insurance for staff and their dependents for eligible treatment in the UK.

Key features, include:

  • Pre-existing conditions covered – no previous medical history required.
  • Full payment for hospital charges such as accommodation, theatre charges, intensive care.
  • Specialist MRI network – MRI, CT and PET scans paid in full.
  • 24-hour health-line offering medical information and guidance.
  • Any member of your staff can be included, provided that at least three employees are covered.
  • There is no overall maximum benefit limit in any one year, although there are set limits for certain benefits.

Staff health insurance from Marsh can play a key role in looking after the well-being of key staff members, as well as supporting the risk management and continuity planning for a school or college by allowing greater influence over the time-tabling of medical procedures.