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Pupils Absence Insurance Scheme

The Pupils’ Absence Insurance Scheme provides for the refund of school fees when a pupil is absent from school due to sickness, accident or quarantine.

Over £2.2 million of refundable school fees paid to schools via Marsh’s fees refund schemes in 2012.

More and more independent schools are signing up to schemes that insure the school for a loss of refundable fees when pupils are absent through illness or accident – which enables those schools to protect parent goodwill without impacting on the school’s finances.

Through our vast experience in the schools insurance sector, we have developed a tailor-made scheme that is simple and effective for both the school and fee payers.

This scheme provides cover to the school for the cost of refunding fees to the fee payer if a pupil, who is included in the declaration, is absent from the school during normal term time for a continuous period of at least 5 days for day pupils or 8 days in respect of boarders (including weekends) due to:

  • Accident.
  • Illness.
  • Contact with infection or the necessary closure of the school or house owing to an epidemic among the pupils.

Key features include:

  • Payment from first day of an illness provided the absence exceeds the chosen qualifying period, which also includes sickness and accidents at weekends and half term.
  • Covers up to 280 days for each illness or accident.
  • Cover includes refunds of fees due to the necessary closure of the school due to an outbreak of an infectious disease among pupils, such as avian flu (seven day excess applies).
  • Payment to the school of up to three terms' fees for the pupil in the event of the accidental death of their fee payer.
  • Policy extensions can apply, depending on participation levels for:
  1. Accidental death of a pupil -- up to a maximum of three terms.
  2. Withdrawal and expulsion cover.
  • Discounts are available -- the higher the participation of pupils in the scheme the more discount we are able to offer the school (see Premiums).
  • Simple to administer.
  • Fast and efficient claims handling.

To find out how the pupils absence scheme can add value to your school's offering, contact Marsh today.