Latent Defects Insurance

Legal indemnity insurance offers protection to owners, occupiers, developers, and lenders against known title defects identified during the property due diligence process.

Structural defects in buildings are on the rise. Defects can appear months or years after construction has completed due to poor design, workmanship, or materials, and are a standard exclusion under property policies.

Latent defects insurance (LDI) is a type of insurance cover that could be useful to property owners, as it provides first-party protection post-completion for building defects. LDI enhances the leaseability or saleability of the completed building, while providing balance sheet protection.

Marsh has a bespoke insurance offering for latent defects. Download our brochure to understand what latent defects insurance protects against, the scope and benefits of cover, and why having this type of insurance in place is important.