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Risk in Context Blog

Timely blogs from our risk and insurance experts on the issues and trends that affect your business – and your bottom line.


WannaCry Means GottaAct: Lessons in Ransomware’s Wake

Posted by Thomas Reagan 18 May 2017

Firms need a comprehensive cyber risk management strategy to ensure a quick, effective response against ransomware and other evolving threats.

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Don’t Neglect Trade Credit Risks in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

Posted by Tim Smith 25 January 2017

In a struggling and uncertain global economy, companies should work to mitigate and transfer trade credit risks.

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Social Engineering Fraud: Could You be Hooked by a Phishing Scam?

Posted by Eleni Petros 20 January 2017

As email scams become more sophisticated, companies should take steps to minimise the risks to their business.

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Three Ways to Use The Global Risks Report 2017 in Your Organization

Posted by Brian C. Elowe 13 January 2017

Annual World Economic Forum report offers chance to highlight geopolitical, environmental, technological, and other risks facing your organization.

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Global Risks Report Highlights Geopolitical and Technological Risks

Posted by John Drzik 11 January 2017

Today’s business leaders face new threats but can find new opportunities in a changing global risk landscape.

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Cyber Risks – How They Can Originate from Your Business Network

Posted by Sek Seong Lim 16 November 2016

In today’s digital world, customers, business partners, and suppliers are interdependent in a highly integrated ecommerce infrastructure, and the effects of a cyber attack can be felt across the entire commerce network. Therefore, a collaborative effort is required to safeguard all parties’ online interests.

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Claiming Against Your Insurance Policy – Is there Such a Thing as a Straightforward Claim?

Posted by Wendy Lim 10 November 2016

A good claims outcome is undoubtedly the most important deliverable of the insurance product that you have bought, and you would understandably expect the correct claims to be paid in the shortest possible time.

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Supply Chains Vulnerable Following Hanjin Administration

Posted by David Tate 16 September 2016

South Korean shipping company Hanjin has entered administration, and as the situation develops, it is clear supply chains could be vulnerable to disruption.

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Hanjin Insolvency – What Should Cargo Owners Look Out For?

Posted by Neil Pettitt 14 September 2016

The size of the operation of Hanjin Shipping makes this insolvency unprecedented in the shipping industry. Needless to say, Hanjin Shipping’s insolvency is likely to impact a great number of importers and exporters across the world.

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How to Stress Test your Cyber Risk Management

Posted by Peter Mason 01 December 2015

The insurance position and a tool to measure your public sector organisation’s cyber risk management performance.

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