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With over 20 years of experience, Marsh can help you create an affinity insurance scheme that takes your brand further and offers members the unique coverage and support they need.

For affinity partners, trade associations, and franchises, finding new ways to capture growth and reduce risk for members is a key component of success.

Whether you oversee a global corporation or a smaller enterprise, creating an affinity group insurance scheme can help you offer new value while attracting more business. An affinity group insurance scheme provides greater control over risk management and the ability to capture new cost efficiencies, reduce claims frequency, and improve member safety.

Although the benefits are clear, many organizations lack the time, resources, or internal expertise needed to manage a successful affinity group insurance program. At Marsh, we'll help design, implement, and support a full range of insurance and risk management solutions built around the needs of your own members.

Affinity Partners

Taking your business forward with our expertise can open up new opportunities for you. By investing time to understand your business, we develop the insight that enables us to define the risks that need to be covered. Talk to us on designing exclusive solutions for your customers, members, and franchisees.

The result is a customized solution for your business.

Personal Lines Insurance

With our online platform, you can access to personal insurance products at your own convenience. 

  • Marsh TravelSecure – Reliable insurance solution you can count on for all your overseas travel protection as an individual or family. You may apply for single trip or annual plan cover.
  • Marsh HomeSecure - Exclusive product to cover private dwellings against accidental damage or loss to building, contents, valuables, and more.
  • Marsh StudySecure – Customized solution to protect students who study overseas for a prolonged period of time. It features 24-hour emergency assistance, medical expense, travel inconvenience, and many other attractive benefits.

It is easy, just click on the product for more information, select your options, receive an instant quote, and complete your purchase in just few clicks.

The path to your peace of mind starts here.

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An affinity organization is formed around a shared interest or goal, to which individuals formally or informally belong. Some common examples include alumni associations, business groups, and military organizations.

In addition to these, affinity organizations also include:

  • Trade associations: An organization founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry.
  • Franchises: Created when a franchisor licenses its business model and brand to other franchisees.

To better pursue members' interests, affinity group leaders should look toward an insurance scheme designed around their unique needs and risks.

Affinity insurance provides policies unique to the members of the group. By pooling together risk, participants are able to reduce the costs of coverage.

These insurance schemes are formed when a group of individuals or entities come together to jointly own a captive insurance company. For organizations or individuals who lack the resources to create their own captive, a group scheme offers minimized risk, increased coverage, and lower costs.

By creating a program specific to your own group, your organization is able to build a customizable plan that offers the solutions to risk areas that more generic policies likely will not address.

Affinity insurance offers pricing stability, insurance coverage stability, and improved services.

A cost-effective insurance scheme, designed exclusively around the interest of your customers, members, or franchisees, can help you pursue your own business objectives and enhance the reputation of your company or organization. By providing this added value, you can strengthen relationships, helping you attract and retain loyal members.

A new affinity insurance scheme can also create an additional income stream for your business by introducing a structure that pays commission to you.

When creating a scheme that directly benefits members of your affinity group, it's crucial to consider any membership requirements and any other unique considerations, business protections, and pricing.

After deciding to form an affinity insurance scheme, you’ll need a captive manager to lead the process.

At Marsh, we can help you set up an affinity insurance scheme tailored to the unique risk needs of your potential insureds. By understanding the threats you and your affiliates face within the context of your business, we gain insight that helps us define the risks to be covered and create a solution tailored to your specific risk profile.

Our experienced team will work with you to define, design, and deliver the right products for your affinity group members.

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