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Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Portal

Marsh's P&I Portal includes features which allow the user to compare club financials and calculate exposure based on the limitation of liability under international conventions.

Vessel owners/operators require the sustainable membership of a "best fit" P&I club to improve the stability of one of their major costs. Historically vessel owners/operators have had to rely on huge quantities of information from the P&I clubs individually, all in different formats, to analyse and understand club financial data, trading records, and compare ancillary services.

With the help of our P&I Portal all of this data can now be accessed online, doing away with the need for additions, edits, and paper records, and has the added advantage of displaying multiple club circulars in real-time. The portal is available anywhere, onshore and on-ship via an internet connection.

Key features include:

  • The Portal allows you to compare up to four International Group (IG) clubs at any one time.
  • The interactive conventions calculator lets you calculate liability limitations for a particular vessel giving you increased visibility in liability purchase negotiations under international conventions.
  • The scalable risk map enables you to easily identify areas of concern and any issues relating to certain types of cargo or sanctions. The risk map also displays critical information from the latest circulars published by each IG club.
  • The latest research and briefing advisors published by our P&I, Hull, War, Offshore, Liabilities and Ports teams, offer you insight and assistance to better understand maritime industry risk and complexity. The portal also includes access to our Political Risk Map.
  • The retained premium calculator allows you to determine approximate pool, abatement, and reinsurance expenses enabling you to see how much of your premium is being allocated to cover these "overhead" costs, thereby facilitating transparency of rating.