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People Risk Podcast: Boosting Risk Resilience

Organisations can no longer view risks as a single threat vector. They must identify, understand, and prepare for the impacts of emerging risks across their complete value chain.

In Episode 7 of the European MMB People Risk podcast we deep dive into resilience as a recovering after the pandemic, why companies have to prepare for increasing pressure on climate issues from all of their stakeholders and how diversity & inclusion help organisations to better understand and reflect the markets they serve.

This episode is hosted by Helena Zikova, MMB Growth Enablement Leader, and features special guest Carolina Klint, Risk Management Leader at Marsh in Continental Europe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.’ The Covid pandemic was a ‘punch in the face’ for many but the lessons learned here are that companies that were prepared to make needed shifts in strategy quickly and able to strengthen communication with all stakeholders managed the pandemic better.
  • Leaders have to be very clear in communicating expectations and desired outcomes to their teams. Especially when it comes to attracting young talents. Companies need to realise that the pandemic has shifted their priorities and impacts on how they need to design to attract them.
  • We have also seen an increasing stakeholder capitalism and now, more than ever, consumers, employees, and investors really expect companies to reflect their values, from ethics to inequalities and climate change.

About our Speaker:

Carolina Klint joined Marsh in 2017 and is currently Risk Management Leader at Marsh in Continental Europe. In her role, she focuses on helping clients build resilience by anticipating, mitigating and managing their exposures. This year, Carolina also served as an official spokesperson for the World Economic Forum Global Risks report. 

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