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Global Transactional Risk Insurance Claims Report 2024

Global transactional risk insurance claims report 2024 highlights the ongoing evolution of the claims landscape and provides valuable insights into the trends and developments in the transactional risk insurance market.

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Ransomware: A persistent challenge in cyber insurance claims

With cyber risk firmly embedded as a key concern for organizations of all sizes, effective risk transfer is an increasingly important piece of a successful cyber risk management strategy.

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How to build an affinity insurance program

Discover Marsh's comprehensive guide on building an affinity insurance program and embedded insurance program. Learn the benefits, step-by-step process, and how to implement a successful affinity insurance program. Download now!

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Risk in Context Podcast: Embracing the opportunities of generative AI while mitigating risks

The rapid emergence of generative AI is profoundly impacting organizations across industries and geographies.

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Turn supply chain exposure into business opportunity through data

How trusted data and insights can drive business growth and resilience.

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Redefining possibility in the aviation sector: Navigating macroeconomic risks and protecting capital

Despite the tough macroeconomic conditions facing the aviation sector, there are reasons for optimism regarding its resilience and the prospects of increasing demand and revenue.