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Our Culture

At Marsh, we help colleagues and clients grow - and communities thrive - by protecting and promoting Possibility.

Our Purpose is Possibility

At Marsh, we help colleagues and clients grow - and communities thrive - by protecting and promoting Possibility.

In the security we provide, there is freedom to pursue bigger and better things. Our work creates the freedom to move forward for our clients and also for each of us.

Our integrity and sense of what’s right serve ‘The Greater Good’ – Marsh McLennan’s code of conduct. All colleagues unite under, and commit to, one code of conduct ensuring we conduct business legally, ethically and aligned with our values.

Through the power of the Marsh’s purpose, we transform our business and industry by building upon our shared character - PassionateHumanInquisitive and Enterprising.


We do this work because we love it. We dig in, determined to make a difference with all we do. We believe in ourselves, each other, and our clients and we have the courage and tenacity to advocate on their behalf.


Marsh is a people business. We're here to build relationships and connections - working together to help our coulleagues, client, and communities win.


We're natuarally curious about our world and ready to learn. We welcome even the most complex client challenges as a chance to uncover insightful new ideas and solutions.


We're open to possibility and figure out how to make it so. We seek simpler ad more effective paths to get to the right outcomes.

Our approach to inclusion, diversity and belonging:

We are focused on three pillars to foster a culture of inclusion and diversity. Read about the pillars below and how we are executing on our commitment.

Driving deliberate diversity and equity

  • Develop strategic external partnerships.
  • Partner supplier diversity.

Facilitating a culture of inclusion and understanding

  • Deliver employee and manager education and development for and about diverse constituencies.
  • Identify targeted recruitment and sourcing.

Enhancing the colleague experience

  • Foster employee engagement through our Colleague Resource Groups.
  • Conduct informative internal and external diversity communications and programs.

Belonging is inherent in our culture of collaboration and succeeding together, and essential to making a difference in all the moments that matter. Feeling that we belong means we don’t feel separated by our differences. It is a simple, unifying aspiration that we all share: a company where each of us can be ourselves in any role and see our individually unique contributions in the work that we all do together.

Learn more about our enterprise’s commitment to a culture of belonging.

We push ourselves, our clients, and our communities to create an environment where our differences are not only accepted, but celebrated.

Colleague Resource Groups (RGs) are an integral part of Marsh's culture and ability to succeed in achieving inclusion and diversity.

Made up of colleagues who work together to help Marsh achieve its diversity vision, each RG plays a critical role in improving our firm's culture and environment. Providing unique perspectives from across the organization, each RG focuses on our ability to hire, develop, and retain the best talent; work with an increasingly diverse client base; and connect to the increasingly diverse communities in which our colleagues and clients live and work. Our RGs currently cross the following communities:

  • Women
  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disability
  • Veterans
  • Risking Professionals
  • Working Family
  • Community Involvement

As risk and uncertainty change and grow around the world, supporting our communities is more important than ever before. Across Marsh and MMC, we are committed to harnessing the talent and passion of our people, so help tackle some of society’s greatest challenges through:

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee – Responsible for identifying and advancing our global ESG priorities. Learn more about MMC’s commitment.
  • Global nonprofit organization partnerships – Focused on supporting mentoring and disaster resiliency to promote growth within our communities.
  • Marsh Cares - Our signature social impact program providing colleagues with access to volunteer opportunities.

Beyond our firm, Marsh is committed to advancing inclusion and diversity throughout the insurance and risk management industry. We are proud to partner with the following groups whose inclusion and diversity missions align with our own.

While we are continually evolving, expanding, and working towards our inclusion and diversity goals, we are proud to be recognized by leading publications, associations, and studies for our achievements.

Learn more about our awards and recognitions below.

Leading the change we want

We strive to provide a platform for and facilitate important conversations that will drive change for our colleagues, clients and communities. Read more about how Marsh is making an impact.