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Marsh Takaful Brokers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the first and only Specialist Takaful Approved Broker in Malaysia with an international network of operations.

Marsh Takaful Brokers is committed to creating and  delivering risk and takaful solutions and services that make our clients more successful. Regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia, Marsh is the first international broker to establish a takaful operation, based on the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and mutual assistance.

What is Takaful?

“Takaful” means an insurance scheme which provides for mutual or cooperative financial aid and assistance to the participants in case of need where the participants mutually agree to contribute for that purpose.

“Takaful business” means an Islamic insurance business whose aims and operations do not involve any element which is not approved by Syariah such as uncertainty (al-Gharar), wager (al-Maisir) and usury (ar-Riba).

Core Services

Marsh Takaful Brokers operates as an independent intermediary, to solicit, negotiate or procure takaful contracts or the renewal or continuance thereof on behalf of clients, including:

  • Takaful solutions and quotes
  • Takaful placement
  • Claims management

Solutions and Industry Sectors

  • Real Estate property, liability and loss control programs
  • Employee Benefits : 
  1. Corporate Takaful Program
  2. Health Risk Assessment and cost containment
  3. Benefits administration
  4. Flexi benefits
  • Liability and crime risks for financial institutions, commercial enterprises, public sector, professional services and halal products sector
  • Affinity and consumer management, voluntary employee benefits and customised schemes
  • Bancassurance Takaful and commercial banking strategies
  • Risk Consulting Services; Supply Chain, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management

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Our people

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Ahmad Mahfuz Ismail

Affinity Leader, Malaysia

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