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Transactional Risk

Transactional risk insurance helps protect you from merger and acquisition (M&A) deal risks, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Marsh can help you assess your deal risks, optimize your coverage and risk management strategies, and minimize impacts to your bottom line.

Strategic buyers, private equity firms, and deal participants constantly face a variety of challenges and risks during merger, acquisition, divestiture, and other business transactions.

Closing any deal always involves a margin of risk, and having insurance as a layer of protection can be a smart strategic move to protect your business.

Our dedicated specialists have deep experience, with backgrounds in M&A, corporate law, taxation, investment banking, and accounting. They understand the critical, changing dynamics parties face before, during, and after a transaction.

Trends indicate that the demand for transactional risk insurance is rising as global M&A value continues to increase. With key relationships with leading transactional risk insurers worldwide, our specialists work with international team members to coordinate your coverage globally. Our dedicated claims teams and resources also can help navigate any transactional risk claim process on your behalf.

We provide solutions to help you understand, quantify, and mitigate risks in your M&A activity. This allows you to increase deal value, maximize returns, and bridge gaps in deal structure.