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Cyber risk

Given the complexities and pervasiveness of cyber risk, organizations can benefit from experienced risk advice when managing their exposures.

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2024 global technology industry risk study: The velocity of risk

Understand how the reset in the technology industry with global economic challenges is shifting perspectives on risk management in our latest edition of Marsh’s global technology industry risk study: The velocity of risk.

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Solving the cyber risk financial dilemma

Collaboration between cybersecurity and insurance is critical to reduce risk, enhance cyber resilience, and increase operational efficiency.

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Investing in cybersecurity ensures long-term resilience

Cyber risk and exposure will keep changing, and as such, the industry should be prepared for both known and unknown cyber risks.

Cyber Risk

Using data to prioritize cybersecurity investments

With so many tools available to manage cyber risk, how can you prioritize your spending to get the best return?

Weather and natural catastrophes

Severe weather, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events can cause serious havoc regardless of where you are in the world.

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Climate change: Managing the implications on construction

As construction projects become more audacious in scale and geography, and the number of climate-related disasters increases, there is a demand for more intelligence around climate risk and how it can be managed.

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Webinar recording: How to manage climate vulnerabilities in your supply chain

On Thursday 21st September, our team of climate and supply chain experts held a panel to explore why supply chain issues remain at the top of the board risk agenda.

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Protecting against severe weather environmental risks: Are you covered?

Learn how severe weather events can impact your environmental risk profile and what you can do to be better protected.

The Global Risks Report

The top risks for 2024 and beyond. Data and insights from more than 1,400 global experts and leaders.

Climate Change and Sustainability

As organizations across every industry move forward with climate change and sustainability strategies, they will encounter new risks and opportunities to be managed.

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UK biodiversity net gain legislation presents risks and opportunities

The goal of the law is to establish standardized practices for developers in England to create and improve habitats.

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Climate change and workforce sustainability

Companies are increasingly focusing on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues as they recognize the impact that it is having on their workforce and their business.

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Multinational Landscape in Asia

One key challenge for markets in the Asia region is the growing likelihood and impact of natural catastrophe, due to climate change.

Climate disclosures playbook

With climate disclosures like TCFD being mandated across the globe, do you know the risk and insurance implications on your business?