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BenefitMAP is a dynamic digital platform that harnesses the power of data and analytics to deliver optimal and sustainable employee health and benefits.

BenefitMAPTM – decision making through the use of data and analytics

In this challenging environment, employers need to find a balance between meeting their company’s expense expectations and effectively caring for their employees.

BenefitMAPTM helps you identify and solve issues in a continuously evolving health insurance market. By learning from data and applying sophisticated analytics, we help prepare you for the future.

BenefitMAP is a dynamic digital platform that enables employers to make informed decisions on their employee health and benefits using real-time data based on their unique employee census data.

BenefitMAP provides

  • A forward look – BenefitMAP delivers an informed view of your future costs of coverage and potential savings.
  • A customized financial view – BenefitMAP combines benchmarking with customized plan design that enables you to assess predicted costs and potential savings tailored to your specific needs.
  • Optimized decision making – BenefitMAP delivers a transparent view into your cost of coverage, helping you determine optimal plan design and savings initiatives over five years.

Why BenefitMAP?

Leveraging a deep pool of claims and exposure data across industries and geographies, BenefitMAP delivers an informed view of future cost of coverage and savings levers.

Wherever you are, BenefitMAP provides you with global consistency and locally unique market information.

Learn more about how we can drive improvements to health and benefits cost, risk, and employee healthcare outcomes.

Historical Dashboard

BenefitMAP delivers an informed view of your benefits program’s performance.

Leveraging a deep pool of claims and exposure data across industries, companies of differing size, and geographies, BenefitMAP delivers an informed view of your benefits program’s performance against our portfolio.

BenefitMAP helps you determine historical cost and utilization trends, and make informed decisions based on projected expenditures and potential savings over the next five years.

Demographic Analysis

  • Compare your experience with market benchmarks.
  • Observe population distribution to explain variance in claims experience.
  • Use dynamic filters to analyze specific portions of your member base.

Claims Analysis

  • Demonstrate your claims experience.
  • Show year-on-year changes.
  • Show how particular claim types impact your experience.
  • Breakdown claims utilization experience into frequency, per capita cost, and average cost.

Portfolio Benchmarking

  • Benchmark and gain industry insight to help ensure the marketability and price appropriateness of all presented solutions.
  • Compare yourself with our portfolio to gain valuable insights when designing your future employee health and benefits strategy.

Future Projections

Building on historical experience, BenefitMAP adds market trends, models future costs, and designs savings methodology through MMB proprietary algorithms.

BenefitMAP helps quantify cost-mitigation measures in projected future employee health and benefits spend.

BenefitMAP simulates a range of potential outcomes, including modelling the impact of medical inflation, budgetary decisions, and demographic and other changes to employee health and benefit costs now and into the future.

It also simulates a range of possible solutions to cost increases by quantifying the impact of various plan design feature changes, and to implementing cost mitigation initiatives relating to levels of contribution, health management, and carrier negotiations, among others.

Trend Factors

  • Can trends we learned about in the claims benchmarking analysis be used for the next few years?
  • What are government agencies and experts saying about movement in EH&B costs?
  • What do we expect the loss ratio trend to be?
  • What are your budgeting and talent management plans and needs?

Cost Projection

  • BenefitMAP models the impact of medical inflation, demographic, and other changes against your budget for the next five years.
  • We utilize your custom plan design in modelling, enabling you to view predicted costs and start thinking about potential savings tailored to your specific needs.

Cost Mitigation

  • We use proprietary algorithms to model potential savings in plan design, program renegotiations, and in various other areas.
  • We determine the quantitative impact of wellness programs.
  • We help you understand and utilize cost savings levers tailored to your market to achieve desired business outcomes.





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