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Darwin helps businesses around the world get the most out of their benefit spend and helps employees connect their benefits with their wider lives.

Change Benefits. For Good.

DarwinTM is an award-winning employee benefits platform. In over 115 countries and 43 languages, it helps employees connect their benefits with their wider lives and helps businesses use their benefits spend to be more successful. It does this by increasing employee engagement, automating administration processes, controlling costs, and reducing risk.

Darwin is a fully scalable, modular platform. Its various modules cover benefit enrolment, total reward, reimbursement, and a range of other complementary capabilities. This enables you to choose the perfect package to meet your specific business benefits and rewards goals.

Adding further value, our Mercer Marsh Benefits team is here to support you with everything from benefits scheme design, broking, and cost optimization to well-being, communications, and pensions consulting.

Successful benefits programs are those that align with the wider business and people strategy. Our approach is to help you ensure that your benefits and the platform that delivers them are fit for purpose in supporting employees during the moments that matter.

MMB can help you

Mercer Marsh Benefits’ Darwin platform can help you:

Provide your employees with an engaging and accessible experience — wherever they’re based. Drive increased retention and a greater return on your benefits spend with intuitive enrolment, dynamic total reward, and on-demand reimbursement benefits. Darwin keeps your people engaged with their benefits and makes it easy for them to do everything they need, wherever and whenever they need to.

Free your benefits team from time- and resource-intensive benefits administration. Go from transactional to transformational. Darwin helps your busy reward and benefits teams do more with less by seamlessly integrating with your human capital management (HCM) ecosystem and automating repeatable, low value-added tasks, enabling you to concentrate on delivering strategic value to your business.

Maximize your benefits return on investment with increased take-up, greater efficiency, and global cost visibility. Uncover opportunities, pinpoint problems, and secure budget with powerful analytics. Extensive employee self-service minimizes the work your team has to do on their behalf, while Darwin’s powerful administrator tools allow you to manage your benefits in-house or as part of a centralized HR operational model.

Minimize your exposure to unnecessary risk by eliminating outdated processes and manual data handling. Protect your business from costly data errors and breaches. Darwin automates your processes and transfers, eliminating the risk of human error and giving you full oversight and audit tracking for strong governance. On top of this, data-driven insights alert you to any inequalities in your benefits offering.

How Darwin works

Darwin comprises three centers, each targeted at a specific audience in your business: employees, administrators, and decision makers.

Reward center

Reward Center is where your employees access, enroll in, and manage their benefits. Its intuitive interface keeps engagement and satisfaction rates high.

Control Center

Control Center uses automation to free administrators from transactional tasks, improving efficiency and enabling them to deliver strategic value.

Analytics Center

Analytics Center gives decision makers usable data-driven insights that enable them to use benefits to meet their people and organizational goals.

Local solutions powered by Darwin

Although Darwin is the number one global benefits platform, that doesn't mean you have to miss out if you’re not a multinational company. We have worked with our in-country benefits experts around the globe to build Darwin-powered solutions tailored to the specific needs of local companies.


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