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Marsh Asia PEMA Tax Risks Review in 2022: A Journey Across Asia

In today’s evolving and complex tax landscape governing merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions in Asia, buyers and sellers depend on a trusted, experienced and innovative tax risk advisor who is committed to go the extra mile.

Follow Eugene Lim, Head of Tax Risk at Marsh Asia PEMA, as he journeys through seven markets across the region — Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India, and ASEAN — to reveal “hot-off-the-press” tax risk issues and concerns, as well as key trends and developments for tax liability insurance in Asia.

The trusted tax risk advisor in your M&A journey

With more than 15 years of expertise in the region serving both private equities and corporates, Marsh Asia’s PEMA Team stood the test of time with their unwavering commitment to ‘level up’ the insurers and advisors in Asia and provide the best-in-class tax risks mitigation and transfer actions for your M&A transaction.