Cooking for Locally Stranded Individuals

Locally Stranded Individuals (LSI) are Filipinos who migrated to Manila to either work or look for work but due to the pandemic, most of them have lost their jobs and are now stranded with no place to stay while waiting for the next available flight or ship to bring them back to their provinces. While the local government has provided quarantine facilities, the demands from the volume of people staying in these facilities requires assistance from private groups.

Marsh partnered with Kawa, a group that distributes packed meals to the LSIs in the facilities and other ports. Marsh and Mercer colleagues volunteered to cook lunch for them for two days. 

Some of the volunteers created a step-by-step video to teach the rest how to cook the required food. Together, we were able to prepare and deliver more than 2,000 meals. A big thank you to all our volunteers!