Transactional Risk Insurance Outpaced Global Deal Activity

The global transactional risk insurance market has seen substantial increases in aggregate limits placed and the number of deals. More than 25 insurers now offer primary terms for coverage, and overall capacity supports limits of more than US$1 billion on a single transaction.

Drawing on our proprietary data, in the “Transactional Risk Insurance Report 2019” we look at transactional risk insurance trends around the world, including:

  • The North America market — which has seen pricing reductions, larger transactions, and increased limits purchased.
  • The EMEA market — which has seen more take-up of policy enhancements, a synthetic warranty and indemnity policy, and more insurer appetite for different sectors and regions.
  • The Asia market — which has seen notable growth in South Korea and Greater China, and a surge in the use of warranty and indemnity insurance, and tax policies, in real estate transactions.
  • The Pacific market — which has seen significant increases in deal values insured, and a sharp increase in market capacity.