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Marsh BizSecure

Obtain comprehensive and competitively-priced business insurance coverage — including for property, general liability and work injury compensation — with Marsh BizSecure.

Highly customisable

  • Structured to your business needs with competitive pricing.
  • Broad terms and conditions with bespoke wording.

Seamless application process

  • Proprietary trading platform.
  • Quick and easy administration of policies.

Personalised support

  • Dedicated servicing and claims team. 
  • Underwritten by reputable and financially-robust insurers. 

A business insurance solution catering to your needs and concerns

Running a business and making it a success come with multiple risks that are unique to every organisation. Developed by Marsh and underwritten by selected insurers, Marsh BizSecure provides customised comprehensive property and general liability insurance solutions for your business.

On top of that, Marsh BizSecure can ensure that your business meets work injury compensation obligations, protecting your organisation and helping you exceed employees’ expectations. Marsh’s work injury compensation policy carries enhanced medical benefits and includes additional coverage, which go beyond basic legal requirements.

Most importantly, by allowing flexibility in business insurance coverage, Marsh BizSecure makes managing your business’ unique risks both simple and cost-effective.

Giving you coverage flexibility with peace of mind

Marsh BizSecure lets you tailor your business insurance package to your needs across all or any of the following covers, including work injury compensation:

  • Property damage
    • Covers accidental physical loss or damage (all risks), including equipment and machinery.
  • Business interruption
    • Covers losses as a result of an interruption to your business caused by an insured event under property damage.
  • Computer/electronic equipment
    • Covers losses as a result of material damage, the costs of reinstatement of data, and other additional expenses.
  • Money
    • Covers loss of money kept on your premises or in transit within Singapore, including loss from an unattended vehicle and loss arising from fraud or forgery by customers producing counterfeits.
  • Public liability coverage
    • Covers your legal liability, costs, and expenses against third parties in respect of accidental bodily injury and/or accidental damage to property.
    • The following items are included as carve-back coverage:
      • Liability in respect of tenancy agreement.
      • Property in the care, custody, and control.
      • Construction, demolition, alteration, and addition work.
  • Fidelity guarantee
    • Covers loss of money and/or property due to fraud/dishonesty of employees.
  • Work injury compensation (WIC)
    • Available as part of Marsh BizSecure, WIC covers compensation to your employees in the event of bodily injury, illness, disease, or death caused by an accident arising out of and in the course of employment.
    • Enhanced benefits: 
      • Medical expenses of S$150,000, compared to the statutory benefit of S$45,000.
      • Overseas medical expenses for all medical treatment for work-related injuries, reimbursable up to the policy’s medical expenses limit. Statutory benefits only cover immediate medical treatment outside Singapore; follow-up treatment must be in Singapore.
      • Traditional Chinese medicine, including treatment not prescribed by an attending medical practitioner, is available up to a maximum of S$1,000 per accident, not included in statutory benefits.
      • Travelling between home and work is covered on all modes of transport, including during work-day meal-breaks. No geographical or country border limits. Statutory benefits only cover company registered vehicles or company arrange transport – not including public transport.
      • Common law liability for up to S$15,000,000 for any one claim or series of claims arising from one event.
      • Special grant of S$5,000 where compensation for death is payable.
      • Repatriation expenses of S$5,000 as a direct result of injury.
      • Social and recreational activities covering injury sustained while participating in and/or travelling to and from such activities organised by the employer.
      • Terrorism coverage, where injury occurs in the course of employment, the employer is indemnified up to S$10,000,000 per occurrence and in the annual aggregate.
      • Business disruption assistance of S$3,000 per employee and S$10,000 in the aggregate.

Why Marsh

As the world’s largest insurance broker and risk advisor, our scale, industry experience, and networks ensure you have access to the most robust and appropriate business insurance that provides comprehensive protection your business needs at an affordable price. 

  • We understand the risks your business faces.
  • We plan and implement strategies to reduce your risk exposures.
  • We provide personalised support and respond quickly to your evolving business needs.
  • We work on your behalf to build exclusive solutions with our network of insurers, helping you optimise your business insurance coverage.
  • We work towards minimising your insurance premium outlay while maximising policy value.
  • Our dedicated claims team can offer timely advice on claims management.

Protect your business with Marsh.

To learn more about obtaining affordable and flexible business insurance coverage that is customised to your needs, get in touch with us today.

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