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Case Studies: How to improve complex insurance claims outcomes with the right solutions and expertise

Two recent complex insurance claims case studies show how to speed up the process and obtain a more favourable payout to facilitate business recovery.
How to improve complex insurance claims outcomes

Don’t let complex insurance claims be the stumbling block for business recovery.

Businesses submitting complex insurance claims can face obstacles that impact the outcome and payout during the claims management process. For example, difficulties in validating claims and different details required for the claim may delay resolution and result in a proposal from the insurer that is unsatisfactory. To avoid these scenarios, businesses should consider seeking expert claims management solutions should the following questions arise:

  • Is your claim taking too long to resolve?
  • Are you facing challenges in validating your claim with the insurer?
  • Is your payout sufficient to build back better and restore your operations?

In this video, Jordan Reichelt, Head of Forensics at Marsh Advisory, Asia, reveals how his team helped two clients resolve their claims challenges in the aftermath of the 2021 floods in Malaysia:

How to improve complex insurance claims outcomes

Speed up your claims resolution and achieve better outcomes with Marsh Asia Claims Solutions

With the largest team of forensic accountants and claims advocates in the region, Marsh Asia Claims Solutions has a robust track record of achieving improved and expedited claims outcomes for different types of claims, including complex business interruption claims.

Your business can count on our decades of industry experience, deep understanding of insurance coverage and contractual issues, diverse claims expertise across industries and geographies, as well as a local presence to serve your business.

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