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Physical Climate Risk Management

Marsh Asia’s Physical Climate Risk Management helps you connect the dots — leveraging robust risk assessment outcomes to inform meaningful actions including a strategic risk mitigation solution and optimised risk transfer program.


Marsh Asia’s long-standing expertise in natural catastrophes and physical climate risk across industries means we understand the data inputs required to develop the right model for accurate assessment of your physical assets’ risk exposure.


Beyond modelling, Marsh Asia’s risk engineering experts conduct on-site inspections to validate your physical assets and vulnerabilities to prioritise risk mitigation measures.


With an accurate view of your risk exposures and the impacts on your supply chain and operations, Marsh Asia provides practical risk mitigation and transfer recommendations to reinforce your climate resilience and achieve your intended outcomes.

The need to quantify and integrate physical climate risk exposures into asset-level decision making is greater than ever.

Physical assets in Asia — including property, agriculture, and infrastructure — are facing increasingly volatile extreme weather events in line with broader climate trends such as heatwaves and severe storms. It is estimated that by 2030, US$712 billion in urban property globally will be impacted annually by riverine and coastal flooding.[1]

Companies with physical assets must accurately assess their risk exposures with an in-depth understanding of the risk drivers and implications to prioritise risk mitigation measures and implement a robust risk transfer program. 

In reality, however, companies often face challenges in selecting the right model and methodology for their business and industry and gathering the relevant and actionable insights they need from the assessment report.

Connecting the dots with Marsh Asia’s Physical Climate Risk Management

Marsh Asia’s bespoke three-stage Physical Climate Risk Management approach helps companies determine the right data and model to identify at-risk assets, accurately translate modelled outcomes into financial impact to build the case for risk management, and kick-start meaningful actions including prioritising the appropriate risk mitigation measures and optimising risk transfer programs.

Choose a proven and validated approach to reinforce your physical climate risk resilience and outcomes

Faced with ever-escalating climate risks, it is vital to ensure that your risk advisor has the expertise to select the right data and model that accurately reflect your physical assets’ exposures to climate perils, reinforced with on-site risk engineering capabilities to validate modelled outcomes and bespoke risk management solutions to help you build a robust physical climate resilience strategy.

A global leader with long-standing expertise and credibility in physical climate risk advisory and insurance broking, Marsh Asia is here to help.

Now is the time to connect the dots in your company’s journey towards climate resilience. 

Safeguard your physical assets against climate change

Schedule a non-obligatory chat with our Climate and Sustainability experts and discover how your organisation can benefit from Marsh Asia’s physical climate risk management approach.