Environmental Risk

Environmental risks are rising up the boardroom agenda, with environmental losses having the potential to adversely affect a company’s balance sheet and reputation more than ever before.

Environmental issues continue to be a headline business risk as regulatory and public pressure regarding environmental performance increase. Environmental risks related to the protection of water resources, impacts to human health, and the maintenance of biodiversity and the quality of the environment may result from the activities of industry. For multinational companies, complying with the wide range of environmental regulations, means environmental exposures threaten the achievement of successful business outcomes.

Marsh helps you to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of regulations and stakeholder pressures by providing an assessment of your environmental risks, determining appropriate environmental risk management solutions and identifying and negotiating environmental insurance solutions where necessary.  Our environmental insurance brokerage team – one of the world’s largest – is staffed by professionals drawn from engineering, consulting, underwriting, business, and risk management. These professionals, members of a team dedicated solely to environmental risk, benefit from a collaborative culture that encourages knowledge sharing, helping to ensure you have access to best-in-class solutions.

The result: Expert advice to drive an optimised environmental risk management solution providing protection for your balance sheet and reducing your total cost of environmental risk. Marsh can be a trusted adviser to help you reduce environmental risk and achieve your business goals.

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