Our surety experts provide an industry-leading, innovative bond consulting service to organisations.

Companies in the construction and engineering industries often need to provide their clients with performance bonds and other third-party guarantees to ensure contractual obligations are met.

The ability to provide such bonds and guarantees can be a critical differentiator when bidding for contracts, and failure to provide a bond can ultimately lead to disqualification from the bidding process.

Marsh’s Surety Practice provides a complete solution for sourcing surety bonds. From arranging bond facilities and ensuring adequate capacity, to providing advice on bond wordings and indemnity negotiation, we bring together the scale, scope, and intellectual capital of the organisation to deliver innovative and high-quality surety risk solutions, domestically and globally.

Marsh has developed long-standing relationships with the leading global surety providers, which enables us to source and develop surety solutions for you whilst aiming to deliver very competitive terms.

It is our aim to add real value to your business. We aim to save you time and money and help you to reduce risk.

We hope you see the value that our services could bring to your business and welcome any enquiries in order to satisfy your surety requirements.

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