The Five Pillars of People Risk

New research shows the greatest likelihood and impact of 25 workforce-related threats facing employers worldwide according to risk managers and human resource (HR) professionals. By hearing first hand from 744 risk and 637 HR professionals across the globe, we learned which people risks will have the most severe impacts, and the barriers preventing firms from mitigating them.

Building business resilience by mitigating people-related risks

• Top threats facing organizations

Cybersecurity, talent attraction, retention and engagement, data privacy and workforce exhaustion are the top people-related risks facing workforces today, according to risk managers and HR professionals.

 Building a risk analysis framework

The 25-people risk framework can help risk management and HR teams articulate in board-level conversations the consequences of not acting now to manage these exposures.

• Enterprise risk management meets benefits and reward strategies

The pandemic has put workers’ physical, mental, social and financial health in the spotlight, highlighting exposures which can be managed using a risk management framework approach.

• Understanding the barriers

Risk and HR managers alike said the biggest difficulty in managing people-related risks was that their organization lacked skilled resources to understand and address them.

• A shared responsibility

We asked risk and HR managers who had ultimate responsibility for 25 people-related exposures. Responses were mixed, but risk management, HR and senior leadership were consistently among the top three responses.

• A new approach

Solutions and practical tips towards mitigating people risk and becoming more resilient.

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