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Unlocking Possibility in the Logistics Industry

Being one of the most competitive and rapidly evolving industries, it is crucial for businesses in the logistics sector to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new normal. It is, thus, imperative to adapt, protect, and optimise.

The logistics industry is undergoing a huge transformation. As a result of the pandemic, integration of the logistics and transportation industry has accelerated. Digitization and customer expectations are driving existing industry stakeholders and new entrants to seek greater speed and control of end-to-end product delivery.

The Middle East strategic location and skilled manpower offer immense growth opportunities to industry players. Whereas, in Africa, the growing demand for consumer goods and natural resources globally is expected to drive industry growth.


Solving your Logistics Industry future risks today









How Marsh Middle East and Africa can help

To limit the loss of earnings due to interruptions to your operations, we can help you to see around corners by:

  • Understanding your operations and providing you with data-backed insights into potential causes of business disruption
  • Stress testing your organization's business continuity plans and operational resilience
  • Developing effective risk transfer and management strategies
  • Identifying your business interruption losses and costs, and advocating for appropriate recovery from insurers.

Our team of cyber specialists can help you protect your business against cyber risks by:

  • Understanding your cyber risk and business context
  • Measuring the financial impact of potential cyber incidents
  • Managing your risk with actionable steps to secure, insure, and recover
  • Achieving higher cyber security maturity.

We can provide review your operations through an ESG lens to help understand how it influences you approach to managing risk:

  • Analyzing the evolving risk environment
  • Preparing you to address future risks resilient
  • Assisting you communicate to insurers an external perspective on policies and performance.

150 years of Global Expertise. 43 years of local Experience.


in-house Claims Advisors in MENA.


Specialised Risk Experts addressing your business risks.


Data Analytics Experts helping clients optimise their insurance spending.

Our people

Abhijit Naik

Abhijit Naik

Marine Practice Leader, MENA

  • United Arab Emirates

Talal Darras

Talal Darras

Senior Vice President, Strategic Risk Consulting

  • United Arab Emirates