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How to choose the right business insurance program structure

Learn how Marsh’s Risk Finance Optimisation helps you assess and select the right business insurance program every time.

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With inflation, cyberattacks, extreme weather, and other emerging risks impacting the region, businesses in Asia must strike a balance between containing business insurance premium costs versus ensuring optimal coverage. But how do they conduct an unbiased assessment of the insurance program structures offered by their insurers? 


In this video, Jessica So, Analytics Leader at Marsh Advisory, Asia, reveals how Marsh’s Risk Finance Optimisation (RFO) can respond to challenges that every business faces at renewal, with answers for these key questions made possible through a combination of our actuarial expertise and data modelling capabilities:

  • How much losses can you retain?
  • Are your policy limits sufficient?
  • What deductible structure to choose?
  • How much premium is fair?
  • Which program structure offers the optimal combination of deductibles, limits and premium?

How to choose the right business insurance program structure

Empower your insurance decisions with Risk Finance Optimisation


Marsh’s Risk Finance Optimisation is the first step to helping you contain premium costs. By obtaining TCOR through RFO analysis, you are empowered to assess and select the business insurance program with the best value versus protection in terms of deductibles, limits and premium.

To learn more about how your organisation can benefit from RFO, get in touch with us for a non-obligatory discussion.

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