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Property Risk Management

Marsh is a world leader in property risk management, for market insights, global resources, and analytics that can reduce the total cost of property risk.

Across the spectrum of property risks – from cyber breaches to supply chain disruption to contingent business interruption (CBI) issues – organisations must find the opportunity in risk management.

Marsh’s Property Practice specialises in helping you to manage these and other challenges. With Marsh, you are not merely obtaining property insurance; you are gaining competitive advantage.

As property triggered business interruption (BI) is often the worst loss scenario an organisation may face, it is a good place to start. We take a holistic view of business interruption through our BI centre of excellence, and consider the full spectrum of property and BI risks, from natural catastrophe and fire to supply chain disruption and CBI.

As a world leader in property risk management, we combine technical analysis, programme innovation, and market insights to identify potential property risks. Using our analytics platform – which includes the industry’s only mobile content-delivery platform – we can benchmark your risk management programme and spot coverage gaps.

Marsh's property professionals do more than just complete transactions: They work closely with you to identify the full spectrum of your property exposures, and then customise a property coverage solution that helps you avoid, mitigate, or transfer risk.

The result: A holistic approach to risk that enables you to predict property risk management costs and create a risk management programme that meets your unique needs, maximising protection while minimising total cost of risk.

Related insights

The dynamic risk landscape and recent events have highlighted several significant property and related risks that companies face. Weather and climate change risks, such as the greater frequency and severity of floods and wildfires, remain high on the list. Increasing instances of civil and political unrest worldwide have resulted in extensive property damage in affected cities and countries. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many businesses’ ability to manufacture and distribute goods and services, as did cybersecurity breaches that led to takeovers of control systems.

Property risk management offers security and peace of mind to companies whose success may be impacted by any loss of property or a related business interruption. Having knowledgeable professionals to help you choose the right strategy to avoid, control, transfer, and manage your property risk allows you to stay focused on your business. In addition, these advisors keep up-to-date on broader industry trends and best practices, which helps your coverage and risk management stay agile.

Key to establishing the right strategy is a review of your current program’s effectiveness; identification of an optimal program structure, terms, and rates; and consideration of potential program innovations and best practices to implement.

Property damage can potentially result from a human-caused event, inclement weather or natural disasters, a cybersecurity breach, or vandalism. Coverage of specific inciting events and strategies to manage them will depend on your risk profile, your locations, and the policies available from insurers.

In addition to seeking to optimize insurance coverage for property and business interruption risks, property risk management can involve property audits and inspections, fire protection engineering, loss investigations and analysis, property replacement cost valuations, and more.

Our technical analysis, program innovation, and market insights can help you identify your potential property risks and better manage them. Working with our advisory, loss control, and claims specialists – supplemented by a global team of subject matter experts and industry-leading catastrophe-modeling capabilities – we can benchmark your property risk management program, spot potential coverage and mitigation gaps, and help you implement strategies to protect your property and recover from losses more quickly.

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