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Marsh Multinational

Multinational companies face risks that span cultures, countries, and compliance regimes. Marsh brings specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques to help organizations confidently manage global risks and optimize insurance programs.

With global trade comes a patchwork of insurance marketplaces and regulations, each with distinct rules and customs. Disparate mandates and best local standards complicate the way multinational companies address risks such as property/casualty, political, trade credit, and specialty risks.

Marsh has the global insight, disciplined process, and deep experience to help you manage the risks of operating in multiple markets. We bring international perspectives to help you understand wide-ranging issues, such as emerging risks, local market nuances, and other elements that influence multinational and intra-regional insurance solutions. And our Insurance, Regulatory and Tax (IRT) Consulting Practice delivers relevant, timely insights on region-specific regulations and taxation issues, so you can appreciate emergent issues and make informed business decisions.

Marsh can also show you the impact of cross-border insurance programmes, and advise you on executing a multi-coverage strategy that helps manage your risks on a global scale.

Key to our success is a disciplined process and attentive service. Employing a centralised, efficient approach – using our proprietary “Rules of the Road” – our collaborative worldwide network provides consistent, repeatable servicing of international and local policies, even in remote corners of the globe.

Whether you do business in two countries, two dozen, or more, we can help you:

  • Quickly respond to and meet emerging challenges.
  • Understand local governments’ rules and regulations.
  • Make informed decisions and weigh the practicalities of cost, coverage, and compliance.
  • Manage your programme and optimise its value.


dedicated colleagues working across 400+ offices, providing coordinated service and advice where and when you need it.


existing multinational clients across all industries, geographies and market segments, demonstrating our deep knowledge of global programs and local coverages.


 global and local programs provide our specialists with extensive knowledge to deliver advice on compliance, local regulations, and execution of your global risk strategy.

Marsh Multinational

Speak to us today to find out how we can enable your organisation’s success across borders.

Your strategic advisor for global insurance programs

Conducting business across geographic and political boundaries presents unique risks, as well as opportunities for growth. Specific multinational risks may include: failure to comply with country rules; unanticipated tax and cost implications; compulsory coverages; gaps or overlaps in coverage; supply chain disruptions; political risk to assets; and risks to the health and well-being of employees, clients, and suppliers.

If you operate in multiple countries, have employees traveling internationally, or import or export goods, then a multinational insurance and risk management program may help mitigate your risks.

Our dedicated multinational specialists help you structure, implement, and optimize your program. We help you identify potentially duplicative coverage and watch for coverage gaps, including compulsory policies. With our support, you can better balance coverage, cost, and compliance, so that you can be confident about the effectiveness and efficiency of your international insurance program.

Absolutely. Each country has unique insurance, tax, and regulatory requirements to navigate. Country risks are constantly evolving with new and emerging issues. 

Based on where you operate and what you do, your domestic policy(s) may be insufficient for your global needs. Failure to comply with country insurance coverage regulations could result in tax or other liabilities, damage your reputation, or impair your coverage and loss recovery opportunities.

Our trusted global insurance advisors – including our Insurance Regulatory and Tax specialists – can help you mitigate these risks. We monitor changing insurance marketplace dynamics and regulations, enhancing the coverage response of your insurance and risk management program.

Simply identifying all of your insurance policies globally can be a challenge. Optimizing these – such as by eliminating unnecessary policies, implementing required policies, and evaluating different ways to insure risks – is the next essential step. 

Marsh has the expertise, tools, and technologies to help you understand and optimize your program, facilitated by our industry-leading multinational program digital management tool, Marsh Global Connect. We also offer an international risk review, which is a methodical approach to analyzing and aligning your policies and costs to your risk management strategy. 

Another program management challenge relates to international mergers and acquisitions, which require specialist knowledge and project management. Our multinational M&A project plan is a proven tool for integrating acquisitions thoughtfully and successfully.

“Global” or “controlled master” programs can be very effective at insuring risks in both the home country and another country (or countries) as needed. The insurer typically issues local underlying policies to meet local regulatory or business needs. This approach delivers ease of administration, coverage consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

Global or controlled master programs are often used for property, liability, D&O, cargo, and related coverages. Other coverages, e.g., automobile and workers’ compensation/employers liability are frequently insured through standalone policies arranged in each country.

Our multinational insurance program specialists are highly experienced at structuring, implementing, and servicing both global and local insurance programs. We can help you critically evaluate the coverage approach that meets your own needs and objectives.

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