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Retail programmes

Marsh understands how best to cover your insurance and extended warranty programme risks, while offering value-added propositions to your end users for their retail purchases.

The retail world has undergone seismic changes over recent years as the way consumers’ spend, and where they spend, has shifted. We can help you create value-added insurance and extended warranty programmes that open up additional revenue streams and improve brand awareness, loyalty, and retention.

Marsh will be your partner every step of the way, helping to train your staff and offering assistance and advice where needed with promotion. We can even offer online solutions that integrate with your systems to make the customer experience for your end users as smooth as possible.

As a leading insurer and risk management advisor, Marsh works around the globe to deliver tailor-made insurance solutions that enhance your brand.


Marsh has an experienced and agile team that will be able to handle the transition of your legacy programmes, while offering a smooth transition into your new and improved offer.

Marsh operates globally and is able to draw on our experiences in different countries and regions, leveraging our relationships to offer you the best tailor-made solution for your needs.

The establishment of an affinity offer for your customers results from knowledge of your market and our ability to provide you with design, investment, and management solutions.