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Control and Improve Your Risks

Risk resilience is a journey, not a destination. We can help you better manage your risks and insurance program – ultimately benefiting your bottom line — with a full, strategic view of your portfolio of risk.

What events or types of events should I monitor? How can I improve my risk profile? How can I evolve my organization’s risk management?

In today’s ever-evolving environment, managing frequent and unpredictable risks is complex — and it’s only becoming more challenging. Global events such as cyberattacks, geopolitical upheavals, natural disasters, and supply chain disruptions can be devastating to an organization’s operations and bottom line.

And as the risks of today and tomorrow become more difficult to identify, understand, quantify, and manage, it is critical to continually gain insight into your most pressing business risks — and build roadmaps for better outcomes.

Our team works with you closely and collaboratively to understand the rationale behind your risk mitigation measures and insurance program. We can then work together to implement changes that help you manage volatility — while enhancing your risk management efforts and, ultimately, resilience.

With our powerful analytics and digital solutions, we help businesses identify emerging opportunities with confidence. Marsh is your trusted adviser as you adopt and implement new strategies designed to quantify your risk appetite, reduce risk exposure, and, ultimately, increase profitability.

Our services and solutions to support your organization along the risk management lifecycle include:

  • Evaluate the value of your risk mitigation measures:
    • Blue[i] Property Analytics: We provide a singular place to view exposures and identify assets that are in high-risk areas, and our risk engineers can help you understand the value of those assets.
    • Cyber Analytics: We help bring clarity into the impact of your cybersecurity and risk transfer investments, utilizing cross-enterprise, data-driven insights, which helps you to better allocate cyber risk capital and maximize return on investment.
    • Risk Consulting: Our specialists can help you develop risk management strategies to reduce risk exposure and strengthen organizational resilience — from casualty to property to cyber and beyond.
  • Event alerts: We can help you become aware of events as they happen, so that you can minimize their impact. Through our work around natural catastrophe risk, we know where your assets are located, so we can bring in other data sources where events are happening — from natural catastrophe to political violence or unrest — enabling you to respond more effectively and put controls in place for future events.
    • Blue[i] Property Analytics: We provide a singular place to view risks and exposures, quantify risk, and assess mitigation, retention, and transfer options by feeding data directly into other analytics solutions on our platform. The solution’s event alerts provide the insights you need to respond quickly and effectively as events unfold.

As new threats and opportunities emerge throughout the risk management lifecycle, our Advisory capabilities provide you with sharp, timely, actionable insights. Powered by data intelligence, our specialists can help you develop a full, strategic view of your portfolio of risk. Whether it requires changing processes, adapting management hierarchies, reviewing your insurance program, or restructuring your assets, Marsh is your trusted adviser as you navigate the risk lifecycle.