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Fleet management programmes

Marsh specialists know your world, designing optimal insurance coverage so you can feel confident that whatever problems arise, your fleet and interests are protected.

We know when you manage a fleet of vehicles, you face many day-to-day challenges and risks. As well as protecting your investments, you also have a responsibility to protect your employees.

Whether a haulier or van hire, a large or small fleet — every business is different and its risks are unique. Having adequate fleet risk management insurance in place can help reduce the frequency of accidents and associated claims. It can also reduce your premiums.

Our industry-leading advisors work in partnership with you to create integrated digital solutions for a smooth customer experience for your end users, while enhancing your brand and customer satisfaction. Our team of specialists, design customised insurance programmes that are fully compliant with applicable international, regional, and national regulations and legislation.

We put you in control of your fleet risk. Our systems, processes, and technology not only make the claims process run smoothly, they also influence driver behaviour and reduce risk.


Marsh can help you educate your workforce in ways that influence driver behaviour and ensure incidents are reported quickly. We can also help with claims processes by improving policies, procedures, and technology that ensure you collect accurate evidence following an incident.

The establishment of an affinity offer for your fleet results from knowledge of your market and our ability to provide you with design, investment, and management solutions.

Adding electric or hybrid vehicles to your existing fleet, or creating a new fleet, does face different obstacles compared to traditional vehicles. At Marsh, we have a team of experienced specialists who understand how to overcome these obstacles and the regulations specific to you. That is why we can offer you a tailor-made solution built to fit your needs and mitigate any risks that might arise.