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Law Firms

Law firms face a unique set of risks and challenges, and can benefit from the services of a trusted risk management adviser.

Regardless of size and breadth of practice, all law firms operate in challenging and increasingly risky business conditions. The work of legal professionals involves a great deal of responsibility, and with it often comes a high degree of exposure.

What We Do

Our team is composed of specialists with legal industry experience, and expertise designing and implementing insurance coverage, including professional indemnity, for law firms. Whatever your firm practices, and however large or small it is, we can help you meet your risk management challenges. We provide the highest possible standard of service and maintain quality at every point of contact. We excel in identifying and helping your firm understand the specific risks of your practice, while working together toward a shared goal of mitigating exposure in a dynamic and adaptable manner.

Law firms around the world share some common risks, including professional indemnity, human resource challenges, cybersecurity, and property risk.

Across these enterprise risks, our key services include:


We discuss your risks and the best insurance solutions to protect your firm, including key objectives and desired outcomes. We agree the insurer selection criteria to drive negotiations.

Data and Analytics

Our vast pool of global data on law firms (including claims) enables us to use an analytical approach to negotiating terms.

Negotiation and Placement

We negotiate directly with a wide range of insurers who underwrite solicitor’s professional indemnity insurance, and other covers, ensuring we are in a strong position to achieve your goals.

Day-to-Day Servicing

All our clients have a dedicated client team to provide support with day-to-day requirements and provide a full consultative service throughout the year.

Risk Management

We provide updates on topical issues. If there is an area of concern, we can work with you to deliver targeted training, selecting topics based upon our knowledge of the profession along with your firm’s requirements.

Claims Advocacy and Management

Our claims advocacy and management team consists of qualified lawyers and technical claims experts who provide advice and support regarding overall claims strategy and individual claims management.


Solving your Legal Industry future risks today