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Global Network

Marsh maintains the most extensive and capable majority-owned global network that operates seamlessly all over the world.

Global connectivity

Over 1,200 colleagues serving multinational clients in over 130 countries.

Controlled Offices

More than 600 owned or controlled offices in over 80 countries.

Global and local experts

More than 40 leading correspondents.

Together, we can help businesses gain confidence in the effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance of local, and global insurance policies wherever they operate; whether that be now, or in the future.

Keeping pace with country-specific regulatory changes and tax issues can be complex and time-consuming. Our advisors help businesses navigate these complexities, allowing more time to focus on growth, profitability, and resilience.

We deliver this via three pillars:

  • We maintain an extensive, and the industry’s largest majority-owned network, that aims to operate seamlessly across the world. This ensures consistent service in over 130 countries, bringing clients confidence and certainty.
  • We have dedicated global specialists where and when you need them, including our Multinational Advisory Practice who provide real time expertise on international regulations and insurance practices.
  • Insights and efficiency through multinational technology, ensuring consistency, visibility and analytics across your global operations.

Why Marsh Multinational

Our network of global specialists provide insights — developed through years of experience in building customised programs — to help organisations receive seamless strategic guidance, quality, and service around the world.

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