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eBook: Your Guide to Mitigating Liquidity Risks

Access to liquidity has been the primary line of defense for corporates addressing the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on the global economy. As we emerge from the crisis, priorities will switch to expanding sales and to securing funding for strategic development. Credit insurance and surety are established tools for corporates and their lenders to enable growth and secure access to capital.

For the businesses operating in the manufacturing and product management industries, the new normal means increased pressure on their requirements and a need to rebuild stability. For this, liquidity is fundamental.

What can you find in the eBook?

  • Overview on the top liquidity risks in the region that directly impact your operations and opportunities for growth
  • Deep dive into the credit solutions available in the market and how businesses in your industry are utilizing it
  • Case study: how has trade credit insurance helped our MENA client protect their business and focus on growth?
  • Trade Credit Industry insights

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