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Global benefits management

By managing benefits globally, you gain a more strategic and cost-effective approach to benefits design that can help reduce workloads, maximize financial impact, and create a superior experience for your workforce.

Transform your employees’ health and benefits experience

Global organizations are a vast mosaic of local divisions, each with their own unique benefits needs and objectives. To deliver high quality, sustainable benefits programs, multinational organizations must deliver a strategy that provides economy, efficiency, and consistency across the globe, but also takes into account local customs and regulations.

Fully understanding and applying country nuance, while maintaining a consistent employee engagement experience, can take considerable time and effort, particularly when expanding to new countries.

A global — or regional — health and wellness benefits strategy allows you to bundle benefits plans to reduce workloads, maximize financial impact, and create a superior experience for your workforce.

With a people-first global benefits management solution in place, you can provide benefits that celebrate and value each of your employees no matter their location, while giving clear insights to your risk, finance, and governance teams.

MMB can help you

Managing a living, breathing organization with thousands of employees spread across multiple countries can be extremely complex. At Mercer Marsh Benefits, our specialists partner with clients in more than 150 countries to provide market-leading global benefits management services, including global strategy development, governance, financing, benchmarking and coordination, local country brokerage, and plan management.

Our services are underpinned by leading-edge technology and tools, including the award-winning global employee benefits software, Darwin™, which allow you to track performance, automate administration, and truly engage employees, driving your strategy through data-led insights.

We can provide you with:

  • Global advisory – We will work with you to create a global benefits strategy, and governance framework, that aligns with your HR model and improves the employee experience in local markets.
  • Global financing – We operate as your single benefits broker, which helps optimize your financing strategy for global employee benefits programs at the local, regional, or international level, and improve collaboration with your risk and finance teams.
  • Local servicing – With our local policy placement, claims management, and employee support, you can improve the employee experience, address local issues, and gain efficiencies.
  • Specialized technology – Our market-leading systems for managing global benefits and compensation information include a user-friendly app-like experience for employees to access their benefits.
  • Digital benefits administration – You’ll gain clear advantages from centrally-managed benefits. They are easier to govern, administer, and communicate to employees across all of your offices.
  • Cost management – Celebrate the diversity of your colleagues with tailored benefits, delivered on a user-friendly platform, with transparency around managing your yearly spend.
  • Global compliance – A centrally-managed benefits structure can help you remain confident in the knowledge that your benefits are compliant in each market.


Health on demand: Delivering the benefits employees want now

Our research study looks at the views of over 14,000 employees across the globe as greater demand for benefits that meet real employee needs is driving a shift towards digital well-being and self-care.

Never before have organizations reported such year-on-year changes


making changes to their benefits offering in response to the COVID-19 pandemic


reporting a change in the benefits employees are using


spending more on benefits per employee


increasing investment in employee well-being

Strategy and planning

Stay on top of market trends that matter to you. We’ll help you cut through the noise to develop a winning strategy.

Design and financing

How competitive is your program, and what’s driving costs? Make sure your plan design and financing are up to the task

Vendor selection and management

Who’s the best partner for your company? Leverage our deep knowledge of the marketplace to find the right fit.

Delivery and communication

Make sure your employees understand the value of their benefits by designing the right level of support to create your best employee experience.

Learn how we can help you manage your global benefits management needs.

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