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Tenanted Real Estate

Social housing landlords are faced with a changing risk landscape. A desire to diversify into areas associated with the provision of affordable housing such as domiciliary care, leisure facilities, and a range of professional services requires a fresh look at the way you manage your risk. Your existing risk strategies may have been in place for several years and may not satisfactorily protect your developing organisation. Changing funding streams have resulted in capital markets becoming more interested in the management of risk in your organisation and the need to control costs is more important than ever. 

Armed with an understanding of your unique risk landscape, Marsh has unlocked access to new insurers and increased insurance market capacity to provide you with additional risk transfer options that can result in lower cost and better protection based on the risks faced by the sector now – and not 10 years ago.

We can also help you support social inclusion through the provision of affordable insurance schemes, which enable your tenants to protect their household contents. Working closely with financial inclusion groups enables us to understand the difficulties facing some tenants and has enabled us to tailor our service and insurance provision to provide a product for those who may otherwise be financially excluded.

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