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Boost climate resilience with risk engineering and enterprise risk management

Your physical assets & supply chains remain vulnerable to climate risks. Beyond risk engineering, these resilience measures can benefit your organisation.
Extreme weather and climate risks

A better approach to mitigate climate risks begins here.

In this three-minute video, Dr. Graeme Riddell, Climate and Sustainability Consulting Leader, Marsh Advisory Asia, shares a holistic approach to mitigate climate risks and extreme weather impacts by applying risk engineering on your physical assets and sites as well as assessing and mitigating risk exposures in your supplier network – thereby enhancing climate resilience throughout your organisation and business ecosystem.

This robust approach to mitigate climate risks and extreme weather impacts through risk engineering, insightful data analytics, and enterprise risk management can empower you to accurately justify climate resilience investments to your key stakeholders, help you secure the financing and insurance cover you need, and meet increasingly stringent stakeholder and regulatory expectations in Asia and beyond.

Embarking on your climate resilience journey with the trusted risk advisor

From site-specific issues such as reliable backup power sources to organisational resilience efforts that can include crisis exercising and risk governance, effectively building climate resilience and minimising the ripple effects of risk events requires partnering with a trusted risk advisor and insurance broker.

To learn more about how your organisation can understand your risk exposures to optimise your risk mitigation and transfer strategies, reach out to us for a non-obligatory discussion.