Hydropower projects: Insurance Market Update

Globally, more than 1730 hydropower projects are planned or under construction. How much are large project losses affecting insurance?

Wide view of the hydro electricity dam at strathgordon in tasmania

From a total global installed hydropower capacity of 1360 GW in 2021, some 1730 projects are planned or under construction, with capacity growing at 1.9% year on year.  However, multi-million dollar project losses raise questions about the availability of suitable insurance. 

In a constricting insurance market, what are the risks that need to be considered by construction companies? And what other measures should they take to obtain the cost-effective construction insurance needed to help optimise a project’s bankability? 

Find out in our updated paper, Hydropower projects: Insurance market update.

You'll discover:

  • Insurers’ concerns, taken from interviews with leading global underwriters.
  • How insurers are reconsidering the cover they provide.
  • How to engage the construction insurance market in order to gain optimum terms and pricing.

Read the paper to find out more key facts.


Hydropower projects: Insurance market update

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