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An AI-powered risk financing solution for businesses of any size to quickly form their own insurer and take control of their risk management.


Open your own insurance company in minutes, not months.


Customize for the unique needs of your organization, no matter the size.


Use our groundbreaking ICaaS SM technology platform and cutting-edge AI.

In today's volatile commercial insurance market, many organizations are interested in self-insurance, but find the regulatory and approval processes to implement their own insurer can be lengthy and cost prohibitive.

With ReadyCellSM, Marsh offers a simplified and flexible insurance solution that enables organizations to open their own insurer in minutes and activate it on demand. ReadyCell streamlines the process and reduces costs significantly, helping organizations take control of their risk management and freeing them from the uncertainties of the commercial insurance market.

ReadyCell, designed for organizations of all sizes, uses Marsh’s proprietary Insurance Company as a ServiceSM (ICaaSSM) platform, which harnesses AI-powered know your client (KYC) technology.


An insurance solution that expands your possibilities by unleashing the power of risk finance.

Managed by Marsh Captive Solutions as part of our Mangrove Protected Cell Facility in Washington, D.C., ReadyCell can be used immediately to insure a single line of coverage or a layer in a larger insurance program. It also can be kept on standby for up to 18 months, available to assume risk when needed. Never before have clients had this level of flexibility and optionality.

Marsh is the world’s largest captive manager now incorporating AI into our technology platform. We can help you embrace innovation, empower your business, and redefine the way you manage risk.