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eBook: Your Guide to Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

If you are looking for a holistic guide on supply chain risks in the MENA region, you have just landed in the right place.

Whether you are in the manufacturing business or its affiliated industries of distribution or product management, managing your supply chain risks effectively has become a critical priority in the new normal. Thus, a deep understanding of your business needs and risk landscape is essential.

In this short eBook, we provide organisations in the manufacturing industry with insights on how they can employ effective fit for size insurance and risk management strategies to mitigate the risks of supply chain disruption.

What can you find in this guide?

  • Supply Chain Risks perceptions by numbers and top global concerns for manufacturers
  • A guide on how to build supply chain resilience from the Marsh Supply Chain Risks Management framework
  • A guide to understanding the relevant and fit-for-size key insurance covers and tips for buyers in the manufacturing industry:

-  Cargo insurance
-  Business interruption (BI) insurance
-  Liquidity solutions and supply chain related credit solution
-  Cyber insurance for manufacturers

  • MENA manufacturing case study on BI insurance and robust claim solutions by Marsh

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