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Structure and Finance Your Risks

Helping organizations assess their risk profiles in order to build and manage effective insurance programs.

How do I understand the insurance market? What insurance should I buy and how much? Is my current insurance program optimal? What do my peers do? How do I get the best deal?

Our Advisory specialists, in concert with our insurance broking colleagues and backed by our innovative solutions and industry-leading data, can help guide you as you develop a strategic view of your risk portfolio, benchmark yourself against industry peers, and build or improve your insurance program. We can also provide a holistic view around what insurance others buy — limits, premiums, and deductibles — so you can identify and assess different placement options that fit within your risk appetite.

Quality data and modeling accuracy are crucial as underwriting becomes more data-driven, enabling you to differentiate your risk in the marketplace, reduce uncertainty, and make more informed risk decisions. Our Blue[i] suite of solutions provides real-time insights into the potential impact of scenarios that can generate claims, evaluates program structures to understand how variable changes might affect outcomes, and prioritizes programs in support of your business and risk objectives.

When it comes to risk transfer and risk financing solutions, business leaders need more than static views — they need dynamic solutions. Marsh’s Advisory team helps you develop your plan, determine your financing approach, and implement an insurance program that better protects your organization.

Our solutions and services that can help your organization build and maintain resilience include:

  • Benchmarking - We can generate custom benchmark reports on your limits, deductibles, and premiums based on the latest available data. Our industry-level services include:
    • Blue[i] Cost of Risk Analytics: Visualize your risk portfolio in three simple steps, understand your vulnerabilities, see how you benchmark against industry peers, and identify opportunities to improve your insurance program.
    • PlaceMAP: Get enhanced access to placement analytics, insights, and expertise, enabling superior capital and risk management decision making.
    • Blue[i] PEMA Insights: Understand total premium spend for your portfolio companies to identify top trading relationships, and premiums by product line, industry, and region.
  • Risk Appetite: We help you answer some of the most critical questions as you work with carriers to obtain coverage: How much risk are you willing to take? How much risk are you capable of taking? What about your exposure to insurable risks, cost of capital, and cost of insurance?
  • Risk Finance Optimization: Once you determine how much risk you’re willing to take, we can help you objectively assess the balance between how much insurance to purchase and how much risk to retain across your portfolio.
    • Blue[i] Risk Finance Optimization Analytics: Our digital solution provides real-time, actionable insights to help you make informed decisions across your risk portfolio, with loss projections tailored to your unique risk profile.
    • Blue[i] D&O Analytics: Our unmatched team of specialists provide critical insights that can help you better understand your litigation exposure across multiple scenarios and build an insurance program that better protects your organization and its directors and officers.
    • Cyber Analytics: We help bring clarity into the impact of your cybersecurity and risk transfer investments, utilizing cross-enterprise, data-driven insight, which helps you to make better-informed decisions on allocating cyber risk capital and maximizing return on investment.
    • Blue[i] Property Analytics: We provide a singular place to view risks and exposures, quantify risk, and assess mitigation, retention, and transfer options by feeding data directly into other analytics solutions on our platform.
    • Blue[i] Casualty Analytics: Our digital solution allows you to more effectively identify opportunities to minimize your total cost of casualty risk, while tailoring your program to your organization’s needs.
  • Risk retention vehicle analysis: Once you have decided how much risk you wish to retain, we can help you determine how best to retain it — whether on the balance sheet, in a captive, or perhaps something in between. And if you choose a captive, we can help with regulatory reporting required by your local regulators.
  • Other Marsh services and solutions include: reserving, technical pricing, risk transfer alternatives, financial solutions, parametric solutions, and structured reinsurance.

Marsh’s Advisory team can help with the design of programs that can mitigate and finance risks to create economic value across the entire spectrum of risk. Our Blue[i] solutions offer transparency into your organization’s risk issues, providing you with real-time, customized, insights into your risk financing options, empowering you to make informed risk decisions and communicate them confidently and clearly.

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