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Risk in Context Podcast: Scenario Planning Best Practices

Marsh’s Allison Pan and Deloitte Consulting’s Ricky Armwood talk about scenario planning can help organisations understand and more effectively manage complex risks.
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With businesses facing a number of critical, complex, and interconnected risks, it’s vital that risk professionals and others understand their potential effects on their organisations, and plan for the unexpected.

This episode of Marsh’s Risk in Context podcast features Allison Pan, a senior vice president in Marsh Advisory’s Emerging Risks Group, and Ricky Armwood, a senior manager at Deloitte Consulting, who discuss how scenario planning works and how it can benefit organisations.

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Key takeaways

The aim of scenario planning

The aim of scenario planning is not to prevent bad things from happening, but rather to help organisations more effectively plan for and respond to them.

Scenario planning exercises can yield valuable insights

Scenario planning exercises can yield valuable insights that can be applied even in situations that organisations and people do not specifically plan for.

Diversed perspectives

Including diverse perspectives can help organisations identify unique scenarios to consider.

About our speakers

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Allison Pan

Senior Engagement Lead, Risk Consulting, Marsh

  • United States

Allison Pan is a senior vice president in the Emerging Risks Group in Marsh Advisory. She is responsible for helping clients understand their strategic risks, especially in nascent and complex peril classes such as cyber, climate, violent threats, and supply and value chains. Allie specialises in the ways in which peril classes converge or are interdependent.


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Ricky Armwood

Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting

  • United Kingdom

Ricky Armwood is a senior manager at Deloitte Consulting who focuses on analytic and cognitive capabilities and leads Deloitte’s research of next-generation technologies and business models for government and public services. He leads capability development for the defense, security, and justice sector’s future investments and is a published thought leader on the future of drone technology, biometrics, blockchain, and AI-enabled capabilities.