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Risk Explorer and Risk Explorer Compact

Uncover risks that pose a threat to your business with Marsh’s free online business risk assessment tools.

Fast, simplified business risk assessment.

Companies of all sizes across Asia now face more complex and evolving operational, financial, compliance, and strategic business risks. Accurately identifying and assessing the relevant risks using an effective business risk assessment tool has been proven to help companies improve their business preparedness and resilience.

Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, has developed the Risk Explorer and Risk Explorer Compact — free online business risk assessment tools that enable you to gain an accurate overview of your business risks and make data-driven decisions that improve your business’s risk resilience with the help of a customised report. The entire process is free-of-change, conducted securely online, and takes only minutes to complete.

The Risk Explorer Compact, a concise version of the Risk Explorer, comprises a questionnaire that takes 10 minutes to complete.

What insights would you gain after completing the questionnaire?

Based on the completed questionnaire, the customised report generated will provide your company with three key insights of your business risks:

  • Comprehensive risk analyses — including a gap analysis — and an overview of operational, financial, compliance, and strategic risks that your company should prioritise in the next 24 months.
  • A tailored risk map categorising your risk exposures from low to high in terms of likelihood and potential severity of business impact. In addition to the detailed business risk assessment, the report also states whether these risks are insurable or not.

01. Heat Map

Benchmarking of your company’s risk control adequacies and recommends possible solutions to mitigate risk, such as by implementing the appropriate risk controls.

02. Risk management evaluation

        Adequacy of risk management implementation

03. Key differences between Risk Explorer and Risk Explorer Compact

Take the next step towards business preparedness and resilience

Once you’ve completed the Risk Explorer or Risk Explorer Compact business risk assessment, you’ll gain vital and actionable information that enables you to take concrete steps to bridge exposure gaps and improve your company’s risk resilience.

At Marsh, we are dedicated to helping businesses navigate a challenging risk landscape and manage risk through an insight-driven approach. Additionally, a Marsh representative can help analyse your Risk Explorer or Risk Explorer Compact report, answer your queries, and provide advice on the best courses of action to reduce your critical business risk exposures.

Marsh Risk Explorer Compact

A free online enterprise risk assessment tool that generates an actionable and accurate customised report of your business’s risks and exposure gaps.