The New Risk Order: Trade Credit Risks

Businessman checking stock market data on tablet on night background

Marsh India’s #Webinar Series, Excelling in Insurance and Risk Management, brings to you the global best practices and technical know-how to help you understand and prepare for new-normal risks. One such issue is the impact on trade finance from the perspective of Trade Credit Insurance. Despite the severe disruption in trade due to the ongoing pandemic, there is still a relatively low level of credit events so far compared to the severity of economic impact.

Topics discussed during the session: 

  • Are insurers getting ready for what some of them believe to be a tsunami of claims in 2021? 
  • Where are the hard and soft spots when we assess the sectoral and regional impact of the pandemic?
  • What is the impact of the world-wide recession on risk appetite and pricing for insurers, industries, and geographic aspects?
  • How things have changed concerning the supply chain and how things are expected to change in the future?
  • What is the future of trade in 2021, has the world become less globally interconnected and what are the ramifications for trade and credit insurance?

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