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Jose Heftye

Corporate Segment Leader - Client & Customer Services | San Francisco

  • Job Title: Bay Area & Hawaii Corporate Segment Leader
  • Office Location: San Francisco
  • Joined Marsh: June 2016
  • Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Education: Actuarial Science, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
  • Interests: My family, mountain biking, soccer, skiing, golf  

Meet Jose

As corporate segment leader, I lead a team of distribution colleagues to deliver consistent and superior experiences to Marsh's corporate clients, colleagues, and communities in the Bay Area and Hawaii.

My role is a blend of enabling people, improving operations, and driving business development. This involves everything from addressing complex claims issues to ensuring that my team has the right resources and talent to support our growth.

What excites you about working at Marsh? 

At Marsh, I feel empowered to address challenging situations and not accept the status quo. For example, there have been instances where I've observed things that I thought hindered us from scaling our operating model. When that happened, I was supported and encouraged to work with different teams at the country level to change things. It’s about having opportunities to do something outside your designated job responsibilities so that you can evolve as a professional because we realize that everything—the people, the business—is interconnected. 

What do you do to make others feel included?

There is a term called "listening to remember" that I am intentional about applying. As a manager, being open and listening, really listening, to what your team has on their mind is critical to creating and maintaining a culture of belonging. So, for example, my team is empowered to raise and discuss important topics, like mental wellbeing or microaggressions, on team forums. By doing so, we learn from each other and address difficult topics in an open and inclusive community. 

I also try to be transparent with our colleagues so they fully appreciate the consequences of our team’s work, both when it’s positive news, like a big business win, or when it's something we could have done better. Either way, we support each other. Feeling included means ensuring our colleagues realize they are part of a larger ecosystem and are fundamental to Marsh’s success.

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